Brent’s Story

Weight Lost: 160 lbs.

Pre-Op Comorbidities: High blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, back pain, and knee joint pain. I also had severe pain and tingling in my right leg and foot.

brent lap-band center of oklahoma weight loss
Question: What other weight loss methods did you try?
Answer: I tried multiple diets and weight loss programs (names you would recognize). I would have some success and lose a little but then I would put the weight right back on. I could not exercise at all because of the pain I was in. I even tried walking but it was really painful.

Question: What was the breaking point that led you to decide on gastric banding surgery using the Lap-Band® AP System?
Answer: My poor overall health condition. Also, we took our son to Six Flags over Texas and I couldn’t ride the roller coaster with him because I could not fit into the roller coaster car. It was a painful experience!

Question: How has gastric banding surgery using the Lap-Band® AP System changed your life?
Answer: I was off my medications 3 weeks after surgery. I feel good now, and I can exercise. I do a 3k run five times a week. People don’t stare at me anymore. I can shop in any store I want and find clothes that fit. The most wonderful feeling was when I was able to ride Space Mountain with my son!! Lap-Band surgery was the “Best decision I’ve made for myself and my family!!” I will definitely live longer, with a better quality of life, and I’ll be there for my wife, my kids, and my family.

Question: What would you say to other people who are suffering with obesity and severe health issues that are considering gastric banding surgery?
Answer: I would absolutely recommend it! It does take a lot of discipline. I followed what the Dr. instructed me to do. I wanted and needed this to work! Don’t think it’s an auto pilot situation…you still need to be disciplined and work at it.