LAP-BAND® Adjustments

Reach Your Weight Goals In The ‘Green Zone’!

An adjustment is an simple procedure where Dr. Atkins adjusts the amount of fluid in your band, making it tighter or looser. This allows you to customize the LAP-BAND® System to meet your own specific needs.

The LAP-BAND® System journey is different for every person and the amount of fluid needed to make the new stomach opening the right size varies from person to person. An ideal “fill” level should be just tight enough to let you gradually lose weight. That means you should still be able to eat enough to get the nutrients that you need, while still reducing the overall amount you can actually eat.

It’s important for you to listen to your LAP-BAND®, just as you listen to your body, and to work with us to find the right fit, or degree of tightness, that allows you to feel full and comfortable. This will ensure you lose weight at a healthy, gradual pace. We call this getting into the Green Zone.

Weight goals in the green zone