• 3 Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

    We all know the feeling of writing your grocery list and determining that list by the budget you are on. Do NOT let your budget determine the types of food you buy. When you have a tight budget and you are dedicating to eating healthy, it is very tricky. 1.Fresh & Freeze Buy fresh produce […]

  • Positive Thinking Affects Weight Loss

    Positive thinking plays a significant role in your weight loss journey. Negative thoughts can lead to self-defeating habits. Positive thoughts can increase your motivation and energy level. Positive thoughts are empowering. A negative attitude can set processes in motion that makes losing weight difficult, if not impossible. When you hold a negative image of yourself, […]

  • Exercising During The Winter

    We are all human. We all have different opinions on the cold weather. Some people love the cold winter snow. Me on the other hand is the complete opposite. I mush rather stay inside with hot chocolate and the warm fire on my back. But, unfortunately, exercising needs to continue to be a habit for […]

  • Post Lap-Band Surgery Instructions

    If you are post Lap-Band Surgery right now, you have already done the hard part and got the surgery!! That is such a huge step for you and your family! Now that you have gone through the surgery there a couple things questions that you might have. No worries, we have the answers for you. […]

  • 2, Easy To Make, Healthy Meals

    Choosing to have Lap-Band surgery is a huge decision in your life. It not only affects your life, but all of the lives around you. Having the surgery is only the start of this life changing process. After the Lap-Band procedure, you have to make the choice to change your eating habits. Here are two, […]

  • Helping You For Lap-Band Success

    Helping You For Lap-Band Success Each year, millions of new weight loss possibilities and ideas are discovered. However, the popularity of Lap-Band surgery is steadily increasing in the world of bariatric treatment. Changing your lifestyle and following these tips and tricks make the success of Lap-Band easily achieved. We want our patients to have the best experience […]

  • Smart Dieting with Lap Band

    Here at the Lap Band Center of Oklahoma, we recognize the importance of smart dieting when attempting to lose weight. It is important to make good choices when making your weight loss plan. Losing weight is a hard obstacle for some and may even have you convinced it’s a losing battle if you’re not seeing […]

  • Apollo Endosurgery Announces Affordable Financing Service to Increase Patient Access to the LAP-BAND® System

    AUSTIN, Texas, July 29, 2014 — Apollo Endosurgery, Inc., a leader in minimally invasive endoscopic surgical products for bariatric and gastrointestinal procedures, today announced the company has partnered with American Healthcare Lending to offer affordable financing for the LAP-BAND® System to increase patient access to the weight loss solution. The patient financing service is part […]

  • Affordable Weight Loss Foods

    If you’ve been on the road to weight loss, you’ve likely noticed how hard it can be on your wallet. Because of this reason many people simply give up or don’t try to continue with healthier, low-calorie food choices because they aren’t aware of the more affordable options. Save more money and follow a low-calorie […]